Intellectual Property Day

World Intellectual Property Day is commemorated each year on April 26. The event was entrenched by ,the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the year 2000 in order to “raise cognizance as to how  copyrights, trademarks patents and designs govern daily life” and, also  “to acknowledge, solemnize and celebrate creativity, and the bequests made by innovators and creators for the build out of societies across the globe”.

The date 26th April had been selected as the date for World Intellectual Property Day as for the reason that it concurs with the date on which the Convention establishing, the World Intellectual Property Organization came into force in 1970

IP day is a day of observance by the United Nations, as WIPO is a UN agency.

1998: The conception for accreditation of a global day of acknowledgement primarily traversed from the Director General of the National Algerian Institute for Industrial Property. The idea was to promote and create awareness for the immense requirement of innovation and also in order to acknowledge developments in intellectual property.

1999: The Chinese delegation, of WIPO presented the concept of “World Intellectual Property Day”. Their contribution to the idea was staunch weightage onto intellectual property protection and enhancing awareness of public in the field of intellectual property rights.

2000:  This date is essential as for the reason that on the very same day in 1970 the WIPO Convention came into existence after its initial draft in 1967.

World IP Day is observed ubiquitously throughout the globe by the means of, receptions, panels, expos, and educational platforms for students of all ages. This results in achieving a dual purpose of awareness as well as promotion and observance

Intellectual property is life blood of any business and a developed state as for the reason that they are undoubtedly intangible assets. Intellectual property  is a primary aspect to foster innovation. Without ideas being safeguarded, businesses and individuals will not reap the benefits of their innovation and would focus less on research and development. Hence dedicating a day solely to intellectual property serves the purpose because it embodies and encompasses sufficient importance to intellectual property and the various means of its observance as aforesaid not only generates awareness but also encourages people to implore their creativity and innovation for development of the society

This year’s theme for 2020 is Innovate for a Green Future. This theme envisages efforts for creating a green future. The reason for that is, that the choices we make today will shape our tomorrow. The earth is our home. We need to care for it.

Sculpting a route to a green future is a contemporary imperative. We all share in this challenge and each have a role in building a green future. It is an involutedly and multi-faceted pursuit, but as the renowned naturalist David Attenborough has explicitly mentioned, “as a species, we are expert problem solvers.” We can create a green future.

This year the aim is to espouse innovation and the diffusion and inception of eco-friendly technologies that shall enable in tackling the climate crisis and build a green future by the means of patents. Through the medium of design rights it can be targeted to promote paradigmatic use of resources and allow designers to imbue their talent in making useful, attractive and eco-friendly products for consumers. By the means of trademarks businesses can be encouraged to follow a path of sustainable development. And similar conceptions for other intellectual properties

The various aspects, inception importance and the theme for the present year has already been envisaged above. Hence wishing everyone a constructive and visionary Intellectual property day. Let us all emanate the importance of Intellectual Property and invest our creativity and innovation in the burgeoning of the society making it sin qua non of progress and prosperity

-Aeshana Singh