What is Patent? A patent is a legal document granted by the government giving an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention for a specified number of years. Patents are also available for significant improvements on previously invented items. The goal of the patent system is to encourage inventors to advance

First Article Writing Competition

The competition strives to find different opinions on various relevant legal topics regarding Intellectual Property Rights. This competition aims to create a platform for scholars to share their ideas and opinions regarding various themes that are mentioned below. Eligibility 3 Years/5 Years Law Students from any recognized law school/ college/ university across India. Themes Please


Type of Work: We are looking for “to be” members in various domains. Kindly go through the domains and type of work related to various domains. The interested applicants can send their resume for the specific positions open in various domains: 1. Content creation: The student team will write short notes, summary or case comment