Introduction to Copyrights

Connotation: The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.[1] Explication of the term copyright A copyright is a validated pronouncement that the owner shall have the exclusive right to reproduce, publish or sell particular artistic


Intellectual property rights refers to creations of the mind: inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, names, and photos etc. used in commerce. Intellectual Property Rights is similar to other property rights, it enables the Creators or Owners, of trademarks, patents or copyrighted works to have benefit from their own speculation in a creation. These


Trademarks have a specific purpose of creating a special identity for a company or a product. This identity is usually created by the use of symbols, words, logos or a combination of all of the aforementioned. The main purpose is to create an identity that is capable of distinguishing the goods and services of one


Trade Secret can be a formula, pattern, physical device, idea, process, technological information or compilation of information which can be used for producing any goods or providing any services. Trade Secret is generally not known to the public and relevant business circles. Trade Secrets confers some economic benefits to the owner as they are unknown


What is Patent? A patent is a legal document granted by the government giving an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention for a specified number of years. Patents are also available for significant improvements on previously invented items. The goal of the patent system is to encourage inventors to advance