Call for Campus Ambassador


We are inviting applications to join the IP Assisto team in various capacities. The interested applicants can send their resume for specific positions in various domains:

1. Content Creation: The student team will write short notes, summary or case comment of IPR Cases, create posters on numerous foci related to IPR laws and.

2. Research and Development: The student team will have to conduct extensive research which will help in filing patents, copyrights, etc. and also file patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

3. Media and Marketing, Public Relations & Dramatics Team Division: The student team will promote the project and conduct various awareness drives in different areas, focus on Circulating e-posters through email, mailing-list, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter and/or Utilize official websites and social media to spread awareness about IPR amongst students and also spread awareness and educate people about IPR laws and practices in India by performing Street/Stage Plays at various events.

4. Human Resource: To arrange and promote continuing education related to IPR. To promote, conduct & cooperate in the promotion or conduct of activities of a professional, educational, cultural, and social nature amongst the law students.

Duration: One year

Interested Students should send soft copies of their latest Curriculum Vitae

A brief Statement of Purpose (not to exceed 500 words)

Procedure of Application:

Mail your Resume to with subject ‘Application for _______ (Mention the domain you are applying for).


On successful completion of the tenure of one year, the team member will be entitled to a certificate of completion and a recommendation letter (to the selected team members).  The work is voluntary in nature and no remuneration will be provided for the same.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Attending events as a representative of IP Assisto.
  • Training/ Assistance in Scholarships/ International Conferences.
  • Opportunity to meet distinguished personalities of the field.
  • Opportunity to appear in patent filing forums.
  • Free training on filing patents, copyrights, trademarks.

Contact for further details:

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