About IP Assisto

IP Assisto is committed to disseminate awareness and promote Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in India. The center encourages creativity and innovation of people which may eventually lead to a new generation of Intellectual Property (IP) regime. The aforementioned vision will be accomplished by providing support and guidance to each and every person in need of protecting their inventions and creations. The center will familiarize all stakeholders with the importance of Intellectual Property laws in today’s technology driven society and provide them a platform for interaction.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To familiarize all stakeholders with the importance of Intellectual Property Laws in today’s technology driven Society and provide them a platform for interaction.
  • To set-up a General Advisory on all types of Intellectual Properties either on a pro bono or sponsorship basis.
  • To provide in depth knowledge on IP regime in India, abroad and also help familiarize and encourage the aspirants with proper procedures related to registration of IP.
  • To provide capacity development by strengthening and expanding research and skill-building in IPR.
  • To incentivize ground-breaking and leading-edge academic research in the field of IP Laws, and conduct various training, extension and outreach activities for creation of awareness and dissemination of knowledge of IP laws, policies, practices, through a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To provide forum for discussion and debate in the field of Intellectual Property Laws to students and academicians, and to undertake academic research and study to suggest improvements in various laws, bills and government policies.
  • To share a global perception of practices related to intellectual property retaining national identity and local constraints, avoiding ‘conflict’ of opposing interests as far as possible.
  • To provide regular updates on the ever-growing field of IPR.
  • To organize IP awareness/campaign in the country in collaboration with various relevant agencies.
  • To collaborate with primer institutes across the world in organizing certificate course, seminars and conferences for the benefit of students, academicians and other professionals.